Jazmyne Updates

-Started smiling at 5 weeks

-Started giggling at 6 weeks (at her Papa FIRST of course)

-Coo's and Talks to us at 6 weeks

-Rolled over from  BACK to FRONT at 4 months

-Crawls at 7 Months


Jazmyne Loves her Tiny Love Play mat.  She plays on it for hours during the day.  She also still loves her swing.  It's a lifesaver.  We are slowly trying to get her to sleep in her crib instead of the swing, but it has it's challenges.  Some days she will go down like a dream and others she will fight to the death.  She is defiantly her fathers child (ha ha ha).  I can write that since he's not doing this.  Actually she is very stubborn like both me and Levi.  her smiles are so precious but it seems she never wants to smile when I have the camera out.  I captured a few smiles when grandma Vicky held her for me.  She was 12lbs 8oz at 8 weeks and 12lbs 11oz at 9 weeks, so she is growing good.  I think she is in the 90th percentile for weight and the 50-75th percentile for height.  Her favorite time of the day is the morning, she is like her mommy that way.  She will smile and coo and talk to you all morning.  It's a lovely time of the day for us.  And n the evenings and on weekends Papa takes care of her.  He is so GOOD with her.  He Does everything I do and more I swear.  When she's with her Daddy she is truly in Heaven.  They look so much alike its not even funny.  When she sleeps she likes a blanket beside her face and she likes to breath into it, she's a weirdo.  But I only let her nap like that.


Well I haven't updated this for a while.  Jazmyne is now 4 months old and weighs 16lbs 5oz.  We are taking a strollercize class right now so I can get a workout in during the day and we both love it.  Jaz laughs all the time and smiles like crazy.  She rolled over from back to frount for the first time at 4 months and her dad and cousin Dino saw it and I saw the end of it.  She has not done it since though.  She loves toys right now and mom and dad's faces.  She grabs objects too all the time and has been doing it forever.  It's amazing to watch her grow.  We put her in her Big girl car seat at 4 months (Sunday January 22) because she was getting to heavy in the infant carrier.  She can't sit up yet and I haven't seen her roll over from her front to her back yet.  But she hates being on her tummy.  I try to put her on it as much as possible though.  We also started a moms group so we get to see lots of babies all the time.  And finally, this kid is HUGE!  She's growing like a weed and I can't stop it .


Well Jazmyne is now almost 7 months and over the past few months she has got her 2 bottom teeth (4.5 months) and weight 18.13 pounds.  She is a Big girl.  She is mostly formula fed now.  I Breast feed her in the morning at about 7am and she sleeps till she is ready to get up, usually 9am.  She is sleeping through the night now which is a HUGE blessing.  Daddy puts her to sleep every night and she loves this time he spends with her.  We still go to strollercize and we got a new stroller.  It's awesome for running.  Oh yeah, Jaz just got her 3rd tooth.  It broke through April 1st on the bottom right beside her others.  What a weird tooth to come next eh?  She is moving alot. On day she was up on her arms, the nest she was up on all 4's.  She goes on all 4's now and rocks back and forth and even goes up on her toes and hands. She pushes herself backwards and I can no longer leave her alone without her being on the other side of the room when I return.  Yesterday (April 3rd) she started PULLING herself forward and she did her first CRAWL step.  It was so cute to see her GO forward.  It won't be long until she is crawling full force.  She is one determined child and the doctor said she was very advanced for her age.  She HATES baby food but loves her Mixed cereal with fruit.  We also give her table food too and little things here and there.  She is a really good baby but right now with the teething she is very fussy.  We are moving to our new house on the 13th of April so I will update again after our move.

Jazmyne learned to crawl at 7 months to the date.  When we moved into our new home she decided it was time to crawl around and it was so cute.

Jazmyne is 10 months now and she can do so many things.  She weighs 21 pounds and 10 oz and right after she learned to crawl at 7 months she started pulling herself up on everything and walking along things.  She learned to climb the stairs and she crawls so fast now.  She took her first step at 9 months and now she takes about 14 at a time.  She took 12 yesterday( July 24th) at Nana's new hospice home and today she has been walking around in her room like crazy.  She is still a very fussy eater but she does eat more than her sweet potatoes with apples and sweet corn casserole.  She has her own personality and loves everyone she is around.  She loves to make people smile and she will do raspberries and dance if you sing and anything she can think of to make you laugh.  If you laugh, she laughs back.  She is really good at mimicking people and their actions and tries to mimic their sounds too.  She loves trucks and anything that has wheels.  I think she has taken after her dad at an early age because if you give her anything round she tries to turn it.  She is very fun right now and she makes our every day more brighter just by having her in it.

Now that Jazmyne is 11 months old she has decided she doesn't want to grow anymore because her parents want her to stay little. She weighed in at 21 pounds and 6 ounces this month, down 3 oz from last month but she is more active now that she is walking around.  She likes real food now and we can feed her most things we eat but she always has to test it first and as soon as it goes in her mouth she spits it out then if it tastes good she will open her mouth for more.  She's so funny with the little things she does.  When she is tired she pulls at her hair with her eyes closed until she falls into a deep sleep, no wonder her hair is getting shorter on the sides.  We took her camping again this month (August 20th weekend) to crescent falls and she loved it as usual.  She really loves the outdoors and we really enjoy taking her to all these places that we love to see and enjoy.  She still has her 2 naps, one morning and one afternoon nap.  We are taking her soother away slowly right now.  She only gets it in her crib now and only when she needs it.  We also started giving her homo milk in the sippy cup (August 21st) and she seemed to enjoy it so I guess we gradually get her off formula and into drinking milk instead.  Not sure if that's going to be better or worse on the pocket book, he he he.  We are still going to strollercize Mon, Wed and Fridays but soon she will be going with Andrea and Milana because I will have to go back to work. She has 7 teeth with the 8th coming in and out (4 top front and bottom) and her hair is still growing like crazy.  She says Mom and Dad and Dance and Monkey and Bottle but have fun getting her to repeat the latter 2.  I think she only repeated then for us when she first learned them.  She is trying to say Thank-you, we can her the T sound but it hasn't come out yet.  we practice our manners with her all the time so it's nice to see shes learning.  She is a fast learner and she loves to explore and get into everything, but she is really good at listening, well most times anyways. 


We are just trying to get ready for her birthday party on Sunday September 10th, her actual Birthday is on the 13th but I need to do it on a weekend.  I just bought her dress and she looking like such a little princess!! AWEeeeeeeeeeeee



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