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Jazmyne Adeline

My Birth Story


Jazmyne Adeline Zurch

September 13th, 2005


Well everyone, here is the beautiful painstaking Birth story of our precious little princess Jazmyne.  On September 11th at 1:15am I started having some “show” so the mucus plug was starting to come out.  The next morning at 1:30am I woke up all of a sudden because I thought a bug was crawling up my leg.  When I went to check It felt like I peed myself so I got up to look and of course there was some leakage on the blanket.  See my husband is smart; he was scared that my water would break and gush all over our bed and duvet so he put some old sleeping blankets under me so that would soak up the mess.  Thus nothing got wet but that.  So up I was with some wet trickle down my legs.  I woke up my poor husband to take me to the hospital to see if I was leaking fluid for sure.  The doctors told me if I started to leak I must hurry on in.  We arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes later.  Levi had the car full of our bags and the car seat; boy was he ready for something.  We went into the emergency doors, forgetting we could of went straight up to the case room, so we had to wait for a porter to wheel us to the other side of the hospital.  We finally arrived in the assessment room at about 2am and the nurses checked me to see if I was leaking but because my Urine dipped positive as well as the pads they could not say for sure.  So they called my Doctor and she said she would come in the morning to do a spec exam.  Because I had a General practitioner and not an OB the Doctors there had to let my GP check me.  This was good in a way since I got to avoid residents I didn’t know touching me.  But I had to sleep in this awful bed/stretcher all night because they could not admit me until they had a reason.  So needless to say I didn’t sleep a wink Again (I didn’t sleep a wink when I got the “show “either”).  Finally my Doctor arrived at about 10:30am September 12th and checked me to confirm I did rupture a bit and I was 3 cm dilated.  I was only having minor contractions that were very irregular so she wanted to wait until 1:30pm to see if I would go into labor myself.  They had to keep me there because of the risk of infection and the risk to the baby once your water has ruptured.  So basically I was having the baby there ASAP.  The sent me downstairs and my doctor told me to walk lots.  Well….  I was exhausted from not having slept at all so all I wanted to do was sleep.  But of course there were no private rooms so I was in a room with 4 people and how can you sleep when all people do is Talk.  I knew walking around was not going to get anything started unless she ruptured the rest of my membranes so I tried to sleep a bit. At around noon and I was transferred to the induction room where I waited till 2:30pm for my Doctor to come and induce me.  She wanted to start with the gel to soften my up more.  This is where the story gets UGLY…


Let me tell you, NEVER get a GEL!!  Holly smokers, I thought I was going to die!  As soon as she inserted that gel I started contracting like crazy with REST.  I had to LAY there for an hour and take all this pain, no meds or anything!  I was so ready to give up after 10 minutes.  I could have handled the pain had I been able to get up.  All I did was breath and try to concentrate and cry.  Finally when the hour was up I went to the bathroom and walked the halls a bit.  The pain was bearable after I could get up, and the contractions were 5 minutes apart so I had some resting time in-between.  I was able o handle this pain, but then they started getting worse again  I finally decided to take the hot shower and I basically stayed in there off and on all night till the Doctor came back to check me at 6pm.  The nurses said I might need another Gel and I told them no way on this earth that I was getting another one.  When my Doctor arrived she said she would come back at 8:30pm when the gel wears off to check me and decide.  She came back at around 9-9:30pm and seen I was 4cm (All that pain for 1 cm!!) and felt a bulge of water.  So she ruptured the rest of my membranes and sent me upstairs to start the oxytocin drip and get my epidural.  I decided after the gel I was getting an epidural FORSURE!  My contractions started immediately, but the pain was somewhat bearable.  When they took me upstairs I had a hot shower to cope with the pain and waited for the anesthesiologist to give me my epidural.  They had to try 3 times because apparently I have a Thick back or shall I say thick ligaments in my back so it was hard for her to get through.  Holly smokers did it Hurt, but nothing as bad as those contractions with the gel.  I toughed it out and about 30 minutes later it was in.  The lady said I was unbelievably strong, but all I knew was that I didn’t want that other pain again.  My husband was so wonderful to me, massaging me while she was doing it but I could feel him feeling my pain.  My poor baby.  I was having contractions through it all but apparently I numbed them out because I didn’t feel a thing. Once the epidural was in I was in HEAVEN, the pain from my contractions stopped immediately.  I could even feel my legs and toes.  I got what would be called a walking epidural but I wasn’t allowed to walk.  Finally I got to go to sleep, and I figured I would be able to sleep for a while since I was only 4 cm dilated. It was probably about 10:30-11pm when it was all finished.  So off to lala land went me and hubby.  Well now I was sleeping like a baby then all of a sudden I felt this awful pressure by my bum and the nurse said she wanted to check me.  It was probably only midnight and I had not slept that much but I felt nice and refreshed.  She checked me and I was already 8cm dilated!  And I did it all on my own, I wasn’t even hooked up to the oxytocin yet since I was contracting on my own.  She told me to go back to sleep for a while as I would be pushing soon.  So off to lala land I went again and soon enough I was up like a light again because it felt like I needed to push something big out of my bum.  She checked me again and lone behold I was fully 10cm dilated and my cervix was all ready.  So we began pushing and it felt like heaven!  Every time I felt pressure from the contraction I got to push and it was such a relief.  That was the only pain I felt.  I could defiantly handle the pressure pain.  Her and my husband was amazing, they coached me through the pushes and he counted to10 for me.  But I could hardly get through 3 pushes of 10seconds each.  It was hard on my arms to pull and push.  I was pushing hard; I just wanted this little bugger out.  It took me less than an hour for her head to crown.  I think I started pushing at 1:45am.  They called the Doctor at around 3am and she arrived shortly after.  All I remember was saying “Come out you little BUGGER”.  I didn’t swear at all or get mad at anyone through the entire pushing process.  It was so exhausting though and my mouth was so dry. Levi had to keep giving me ice cubes between the contractions.  The doctor helped me a lot through the pushes and when she arrived I was able to push for 20seconds and 4 pushes for each contraction.  They got me a mirror so I could see her head coming out.  I just remember the Doctor separating my labia to help her head out and it felt like she was going nowhere.  I swear I tried to push that head out for over an hour and it just didn’t want to come out.  I could see I was close and it was almost out but I was so exhausted and it was so HARD at this point. I was just shivering and crying through each push and I couldn’t get her out.  I was also getting scared that she was going to die in there or something.  The doctor realized she wasn’t coming and I think she knew at that point that my baby was huge because she asked if she could cut me.  And I was more than happy for this.  She was amazed that I didn’t even tear at all.  That head was so HUGE man!  So she cut me and right then and there I stopped watching.  I had this new found hope that I could get her out and I pushed like a MAD women.  Still she wouldn’t budge so the doctor continued to help me and then finally I pushed her head out.  They cleaned her face and I didn’t hear her cry but I heard Levi cry and I guess she was wide awake looking around.  I figured the rest was candy at this point and that it would only be one more push.  But of course why would I get off that easy.  She was a monster and I pushed and pushed and pushed and the doctor had to pull with all her might to get her out of me.  Then Levi cut the cord and said “It’s a GIRL baby” and he cried and cried.  I was just in shock, and just smiled.  They put her on my tummy then took her away to clean on the table.  Still I had not heard her cry so I was worried, then I heard the team say “Is the NICU on their way” and I was terrified.  But silly me, I forgot that they were there for all deliveries, my team was just late.  Finally I heard her cry and I cried I was so happy she was alive.  Then I heard them say “Did the mom get narcotics” and I was terrified again.  What could be wrong with her that they might think that?  I said No to the morphine and Demerol because I didn’t want it to go to the baby.  Then they told me her left arm wasn’t moving.  I guess the strain of her coming out and maybe even the way she was sitting in me caused something in her arm to be out.  They were scared it might be dislocated or broken so they did X-rays on it.  I still don’t have the results, but my Doctor figures it’s just a stunned nerve network in her shoulder and it should be fine.


So then they put my little (huge) princess on the scale and she measures 10 pounds (after she had her bath downstairs they confirmed she was 10lbs 3oz though).  They couldn’t believe I pushed her out.  And they didn’t need to use forceps or a vacuum or anything.  Finally I was stitched up after the placenta came out in one nice push.  It took forever to stitch me but I guess she wanted it to be good.  I could tell my poor Doctor was so exhausted and stressed from getting that baby out but she was amazing and she stitched me up like a pro.  It was one continuous stitch and guess what!!  It doesn’t even BURN when I pee or HURT when I do the other thing.  I asked her why and she said probably because she did a good job at covering up all the exposed tissue inside and so I was lucky.


She was 10 pounds 3onz and 20.5 inches long!  Born on September 13th at 3:43am.


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